World Kindness Day

World kindness day

Our commitment to kindness continues

Today marks World Kindness Day, and in order to celebrate, we spent the past 30 days performing random acts of kindness for people all around us. Our goal was to spread the message of Small Acts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing positivity to those in need. Although we feel as though we’ve succeeded initially, there is still so much to be done.

One of our larger acts of kindness was our participation with City Harvest. Over the past few weeks, the employees at Cox Reps and Gamut donated over 1,000 non-perishable food items for New York residents in need.

However, our pledge of kindness does not end today. We plan on spreading kindness everywhere we go, in a multitude of different ways. During the month of January, we’ll be volunteering with God’s Love We Deliver to prepare and provide nutritious, balanced meals for those who are too sick to cook or buy food on their own.

We hope your pledge of kindness continues beyond today as well.