The inside scoop on who screams for ice cream


July is National Ice Cream Month, and we’ve got the inside “scoop” on who is embracing summer’s favorite frozen treat in its time of glory.

Using our consumer insights tools here at Gamut, we unwrap who screams for ice cream most, and what behavioral attributes they are most likely to possess.

We all know and love TV’s favorite tech geek, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. He’s an awkward, persistent know-it-all, but we can’t get enough of him. He lives for technology, especially his video games, but did you know that the Sheldons of the world love their ice cream as well? By using Experian Simmons, we analyzed the “heavy ice cream eater” (defined as those who eat 5 or more quarts per month) and how they index against a variety of qualitative data. The top indexing attributes of the heavy ice cream consumer show someone who shares the same attitudes and behaviors as our dear friend, Mr. Cooper. We found that heavy ice cream consumers are 53% more likely to buy video games and gaming systems online, as well as 31% more likely to spend their time online browsing for game reviews, cheat codes and news. They also identify as people who are willing to pay just about anything for an electronic product they want, and are 27% more likely to be the first among their friends to have the latest gadgets. Bazinga!