Tagless gets you half way there

Tagless gets you halfway there

August 5, 2015 – Rob Byrnes, Senior Director of Programmatic Sales,  Gamut via AdExchanger

Traditional publisher waterfalls, where impressions are exposed to sales channels in descending order of the perceived value of each channel, have always stuck in the craw of yield-obsessed media sellers.  Tagless solutions are helpful for publishers to optimize their indirect sales channel pricing. Now programmatic partners not named Google can compete at the value of the impression in real time. While this is a good start it only gets publishers half way to true yield optimization of their total business.

No matter what happens with “header bidding” the decision still lies with the ad server that uses hard rules of priority settings or price to decide. The ad server still does not know when a $5 audience based bid is more perishable than a $10 contextual direct sold ad. I’d love to see ad server logic based on perishability – that’ll significantly raise yield and win rates.

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