Mobile and holiday shopping

Mobile changes the way we shop

Fewer people were flocking to stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals. Only 1 in 5 adults planned to shop on this day, opting instead to spend time with their families and digest their turkey feasts. However, people still want to find the best deals they can in time for the holidays, and many are waiting until Cyber Monday to do so.

Rather than deal with store crowds, many consumers choose to look online for low prices and popular products. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile technology, buying remotely has become even easier. From 2012 to 2014, there has been a 23% increase in in-store sales influenced by mobile. Furthermore, 30% of all online purchases are estimated to take place on mobile devices.

Gamut makes it easy for advertisers to capitalize on this, with technology that lends more understanding to consumer behavior.  With Gamut’s mobile services, you can target local audiences, serve ads that will reach consumers at the right time, deliver the right localized ad messaging, and optimize your campaign in real time. This is all made possible byGamut’s mobile ad products:

    1. – PreciseLocation: Using the most accurate location data, ads are sure to reach audiences at the most effective moment
    2. – PreciseFence: Audience location is pinpointed with the use of historical and real-time mobile behaviors
    3. – PreciseAudience: Create audience profiles based on consumer behaviors and movement patterns
    4. – PreciseCreative: Flexible ad creative that changes based on user location and other variables

Digital research drives store visits, and also leads to online purchases. Cyber Monday is upon us, and with Gamut’s help, you’ll be able to send pertinent messages to your target audience, no matter where they are, for the remainder of the holiday season.

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