Left Hander’s Day

Left Handers Day

Although only 7-10% of the world’s population is left handed, that doesn’t mean that lefty awareness should go uncelebrated! Started in 1976 by Lefthanders International, August 13th has been designated Left Handers Day “to promote awareness of the inconveniences faced by left handers in a predominantly right handed world.”  We know that lefties have to adapt to using right hand oriented products, tools, and objects, as well as deal with smudging ink when they write. B the day aims to promote awareness around the fact that lefties are more likely to develop schizophrenia and to provide help to left handed special needs children.

On a lighter note, and to have some fun with Left Handers Day, we took to one of our data partners,  CivicScience, to see what we could uncover about left handed people beyond the obvious inconveniences.  Based on a CivicScience question that asks, “Which hand is your dominant hand?” we compiled a segment of 2, 559 lefties to use as a sample against other CivicScience questions living on the Cox Media Group web properties.  We found that, based off the sample, 59% of lefties make more than $50, 000 per year and 77% attended college, with 18% going on to graduate school.  

However, we wanted to know more, such aswhat snacks they prefer. It turns out that lefties love their chips, pretzels, and salty snacks above the everything else.  Another CivicScience question asked, “Which of the following types of snacks do you eat most often?”  with the options being “Sweet snacks, ” “Salty snacks,” “Healthy snacks,” “Other,” or “I rarely or never snack.”  Lefties were 37% more likely to eat salty snacks like chips or pretzels, which is higher than the 32% average of all respondents to the question. They also under-indexed for sweet snacks and healthy snacks: they are 24% less likely to seats candy or chocolate, and 17% less likely to choose healthy fruit or nuts.  

So, lefties,  indulge and enjoy your chips, pretzels and popcorn, because today is the day when it’s wrong to be right!