Gamut explores Valentine’s Day

Gamut explores Valentine's Day

How romantic are we at Gamut?

Valentine’s Day is upon us and #TeamGamut wanted to know, just how romantic are we? So we decided to team up with our data partner CivicScience, to see how respondents answered and just how romantic (or not!) we were. CivicScience is a leading intelligent polling and real-time consumer insights platform, which allows us to survey millions of people each week.

Is #TeamGamut into flowers or chocolates? Do all other respondents prefer restaurants or home cooking to celebrate? Is Valentine’s Day romantic or is it silly? Check out the results below, and see how we did:

#TeamGamut is more likely to buy chocolates as their gift choice, as well as wait last minute to buy that gift for their special someone.  All other respondents were 53% will not be buying anything at all, and 13% more likely to have no Valentine’s Day plans either.  But when asked, “Do you care about Valentine’s Day?” Gamut respondents were 50% more likely to think Valentine’s Day is romantic, when compared to those who answered via CivicScience. So there you have it, #TeamGamut is romantic, and hopefully bought their gifts by now.

Happy Valentine’s Day!