Committed to Kindness

Committed to kindness

In a recent CivicScience poll, 81% of respondents said that being kind is more important than being successful – and we couldn’t agree more!

To celebrate World Kindness Day, CoxReps and Gamut have partnered with Small Acts, a non-profit organization that performs acts of kindness for those in need of positivity. These acts of kindness range from buying toys for a children’s hospital to mowing someone’s lawn. Visit for information on how you can donate, volunteer, and share kindness.

World Kindness Day falls on November 13, but we wanted to get an early start on the celebration. So today, October 14th, we are pledging to improve the areas around us by performing random acts of kindness for friends and strangers alike. We’ve chosen to fill social outlets with posts focused on good deeds and benevolent gestures with the hashtag #randomactsofkindness.

Pledge along with us by using #randomactsofkindness to celebrate and highlight the kindness you see in the world. If you’ve brightened someone else’s day with a random act of kindness, give yourself a pat on the back and share your story on our social channels.